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Dee Hammond, CEO of Vastrick Security

Dee first appeared a dozen years ago in the first City of London Thriller, 48 Hours. Since then she has become a fan favourite and we receive many requests for her return. She returns in the Washington DC Thriller, Death at 1600, where she has to persuade the Secret Service that Gillian Miles is innocent.

Gillian Miles (formerly Davis)

Retired by MI6, had to work for the FBI as a sniper to earn her US Status. Now works for Dee Hammond and is the central character in Washington DC Thrillers, Call The Vice President and Murder at 1600.


Gracie Fox

Wakes up from a coma speaking Chinese. Her fame spreads and she overhears a deadly conversation that leads to her ow life being threatened.

Three amazing women, a stunning trilogy.

When the faltering President of the USA loses his VP and then is removed from office - thank to Gillian Miles, there follows an interim administration. At the inaugural ball there is a killing and Gillian Miles is suspect No.1 and Dee Hammond is needed to clear her name. Finally, the Presidential term is over and the party need to select a new Presidential Nominee and Gracie Fox finds herself in a Mandarin conspiracy.


Other JJB Characters

Josh Hammond, Rosalie Barry, DCI Graham Briar, Max Richmond, Ben Fogarty and Robbie Vastrick all have parts to play in the City of London and Wessex series of books.

Thirty Years of Publishing:
J Jackson Bentley

JJB was first published by Macmillan and Wiley in the 1990's and 2000's.Then, for over a decade JJB wrote thrillers for our predecessor Fidus Publishing Ltd. As part of the transfer of that business to the new Fidus Press, JJB came along for the ride with his suite of books.

A worldwide best selling author his books have sold millions of copies, and he has plans for more titles.

The Washington DC Trilogy 

Dee Hammond and Gillian Miles both find themselves in the USA, for very different reasons. Both now working for Vastrick Security Inc.

With a failing President and a year to run things are going to happen in the next year or so, JJB imagines what might happen in the interregnum.

With a murder or two and all kinds of intrigue, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is popping. A Novella and two short stories complete the trilogy.

Call the Vice President, Murder at 1600 and The Girl Who Woke Up are all available now.


Shire Of Wessex Series

J Jackson Bentley has embarked on a 12 story series of mini thrillers/police procedurals, each are complete in themselves but they have an overarching plot as well.

JJB has already completed three and we have published them, he aims to complete the series by the end of the publishing  year.

The next book in the series DOGGED is in editing for release soon.

30 Years of Publishing

City of London Thrillers, Emirates, Wessex and Standalones

There are seven City of London Thrillers, two Emirates of Dubai Thrillers, four RixFlix comedy thrillers, Final Whistle and three very topical Washington DC thrillers.

JJB is also three books into his Wessex Thriller series.

Fidus are honouring the event by placing a badge on all JJB books and ads for 2024.

Visit JJB on Amazon and see the collection.

Carbon Neutral

We believe that we have a duty to entertain you in the knowledge that you can read our titles knowing, that we are carbon neutral. We have been using ebooks to lead the way in environmentally sound publishing for over a decade.

People Matter

In addition to protecting our environment we support local charities and national charities. We are also responsible UK citizens and pay our taxes without relying on tax avoidance schemes.

Paying Our Way

We ensure that our staff are paid well for their work. We aim to keep our staff happy and to pay all workers sufficient to ensure that their family needs are met by us, not by the government.

Current Books

When The Hammer Falls.

Fast paced Dee Hammond thriller that sets the heart racing.

Lukas Kovacic  is a ruthless crime boss who needs to be brought down.

Dee Hammond and her friends strike back at the madman who is trying to ruin their lives. Just when they think that they have him cornered, he comes out fighting, and fighting dirty.

Root & Branch

A Wessex Short Story.

A New Constabulary in Wessex, a new Chief Constable we all know and two new detectives.

When a body is found lodged in the ancient Jerusalem Tree, the new constabulary has its first murder. DCI Briar and his detectives track down the murderer but when they do things are not as they seem. 

Washington DC Trilogy

The first book was a bestseller and now the two other books are on sale!

Following the success of the RixFlix Trilogy, JJB has embarked on a new trilogy that should prove just as popular.

The Badge of Success

JJB is a member of the prestigious ITW, International Thriller writers,

Alongside Lee Child, Karin Slaughter and many others, JJB is a member of the ITW, helping new authors break through.


Our team

We endeavour to be as inclusive as possible. We give opportunities to authors from any background or any geographic region. Based in the UK and USA, our authors can be contacted anywhere in the world where Zoom is available.

Sue Whitfield CEO

The Boss

With a light management touch, Sue leads the business with panache, dealing with sensitive creatives and hard nosed funders in the same easy going manner.

Paul Scott Business Author

The life coach

Paul is a natural business leader. He has worked extensively around the globe, leading, managing and mentoring.

In his free time, he consults and writes for The Fidus Press.

J Jackson Bentley Author

Thriller Writer

He has visited and worked in 39 countries and has lived in the UK, USA and UAE. His books are best sellers and his contacts are global. Perhaps that is why his novels are so authentic.

He writes exclusively for The Fidus Press.


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